As a leading provider of print solutions, our technology is capable of the highest production output in the industry, and is engineered boost your bottom line. However, data shows that many print operations are not fully utilizing the technology to its fullest extent.

So, how can you unleash your equipment’s full potential?

Heidelberg Performance Package

Heidelberg’s Performance Package monitors and drives performance while providing machine management solutions to ensure maximum output.

Through a range of Performance Services, our expert advisors deliver key data metrics, machine intelligence and detailed production information with clear action plans to get your equipment to higher performance levels. In the annual on-site evaluation, we will determine your overall savings potential and deliver a road map for improvement.

With over 80 agreements sold, Heidelberg’s Performance Package is becoming the industry standard. Customers enrolled in the program have increased performance by 20-45%.

Watch the video below for information about the Heidelberg Performance Package:

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