Over the past few decades, manufacturers have added more and more varieties of products available for consumers. I can remember going to the grocery store, and finding one brand of macaroni & cheese right next to the generic store brand. That was about it, two choices. Well, it’s certainly not that way anymore.

Now, you’ll find regular mac & cheese, gluten free, wheat, and other varieties across many brands. Plus, the organic section of the store has its own set of offerings. To sum it up, we had only a handful of selections, and now we have plenty more to choose from. If you asked professionals in our industry what segment is growing, most would reply packaging. That is due to the growth of additional SKU’s or selections available to consumers.

Printing consumables are no different. There are many selections to choose from. At Heidelberg, we offer 13 different ink sets, 10 blanket types, 9 different printing plates, along with multiple selections of washes, coatings, powders, plate cleaners, coating plates, fountain solutions…you get the point. We are no different than any other manufacturer of goods. We have tailored items to fit your specific needs.

But, you know what I hear weekly? “Product XYZ is what we’ve always used. We’ve always done it that way.” Well, guess what? There may be another way, a better way, a more efficient way. Your taste buds are fixed on a specific brand of macaroni & cheese, but there are additional flavors that may taste better. You’ll never know if you aren’t willing to try. Isn’t that what our parents used to say? You don’t know what you’re missing until you try it.

Here’s the Heidelberg difference: We stand behind you and help you select the best products to fit your application. After all, we make the machines, test the consumables and know which products work best for your specific requirements.

If you had food allergies, wouldn’t it be helpful if your grocery store had a dietary specialist on hand that knows the ins and outs of every product to assist you in your selection? Well, we do! We have product managers, product specialists, application specialists, account managers, customer service and sales representatives here to help you with your product selections when given the opportunity.

To ensure you are using the proper consumables for your print applications, contact your Heidelberg representative. Remember, you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it.

Happy Printing!


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Jason Colline

Consumables and CtP Representative