At Heidelberg, we pay attention to the performance of all of our consumables, not just the big stuff. For instance, anti-setoff powder — you know the stuff all over your pressroom floor. But, does it have to be that way?

First, let’s look at the mess on the floor. We’ve all seen it; a pressman with a water bottle with the top cut off or dented ink can scooping powder out of that big bag, spilling it all over the floor and press.

Second, let’s look at the big open bag sitting there collecting moisture, and clumping up before your eyes. Or as my colleague once said “pulling snowballs out of the bag on a hot day.”

One of the best assets when working with Heidelberg consumables is our application knowledge. See, we know what’s going on in a pressroom, so we understand your pain.

What do we do? That’s simple, we solve it!

Open up a 30 lb. box of our anti-setoff powder. What do you see?

Fifteen nice, individually wrapped 2 lb. bags. They are sealed from the elements to stop clumping, and you just cut the bag to pour it in your unit with no mess. Imagine that, no waste, no mess. Also, our quality control methods makes sure the particle sizes are kept consistent by the proper selection of raw materials, and by a unique double screening process.

Lastly, we offer our anti-setoff powders in a variety of particle sizes as well as uncoated & coated (low dust) powders based on your application.

For more information on how to keep your pressroom while eliminating waste, contact your Heidelberg representative.

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Jason Colline
Consumables and CtP Representative