Printing Industries of America (PIA) has recognized Heidelberg’s Omnifire 250 and Stahlfolder TH 82-P with the prestigious 2016 InterTech™ Technology Award. Heidelberg received 2 out of the 6 awards marking the 35th and 36th time a Heidelberg innovation has been honored.

Innovation and Excellence

“For Heidelberg to be the recipient of yet another 2 InterTech Technology Awards is proof that our innovation never stops and is recognized as being groundbreaking,” said Andy Rae, Senior Vice President of Equipment and Marketing, Heidelberg Americas. “As the market leader in the print industry, we keep pushing the boundaries both in terms of new products for new markets such as the Omnifire, and dramatically improving the productivity within existing areas of our customers’ businesses, as with the TH 82-P folder.”

According to PIA’s Vice President of Technology and Research Jim Workman, the InterTech judges agreed that the Omnifire 250 is a breakthrough technology for the decoration of 3D products. Likewise, the engineering ingenuity and the enormous productivity gain made possible by streamfeeding of the Stahlfolder TH 82-P were particularly impressive to the judges.

Printing with FireOmnifire250

The Omnifire 250 is a highly flexible digital solution for personalizing and decorating a wide variety of three dimensional objects. By combining UV inkjet technology with high-precision robotics, this innovative solution is capable of printing completely around the circumference of spherical, cylindrical and conical objects up to 11.8 inches (300 mm) in size with very fast and easy changes between objects. The multi-dimensional digital system is the first of its kind providing immediacy to the personalization of products and a much wider range of options than existing technologies.

“The Heidelberg Omnifire marks one milestone for the future potential of digital inkjet printing and the growth of the personalization market,” said Dan Maurer, Vice President of Digital, Heidelberg USA. “Heidelberg calls this 4D printing, representing personalization as the fourth dimension of printing on three dimensional objects. The Omnifire 250 represents a leap forward in technology by combining ease of use with the flexibility to print on multiple 3D objects, quick change over between pieces, image durability and reliability as well as cost effectiveness.”

The Future of Folding

With the Stahlfolder TH 82-P, Heidelberg’s peak performance approach expands to its successful Stahlfolder line. The new leading-edge “P” technology feeds a stream with an overlap of up to half the sheet length in the parallel and cross folding stations. This enables a 50% higher throughput at the same linTH 82-P Performance Folderear speed. Three sheets can now pass through each fold station at the same speed and time that it took before to process two sheets when producing 16-page signatures. The portrait-fed Stahlfolder TH 82-P sets new standards for enhanced performance. While the linear speed stays in the conventional comfort zone (below 170 m/min), the productivity increases – all possible on a wide range of substrates.


“This is the first time that the output of a single folder matches that of a long perfector press – a true technology break-through, which enables streamlining production and allows for significant cost savings for signature folding,” said Joerg Daehnhardt, Vice President of Postpress, Heidelberg USA. “By streamfeeding all stations we can slow down the linear speed, improve fold quality and yet increase throughput by over 50% — a true game-changing approach to folding.”

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