Statistics show that the average knowledge level of operators is around just 50% due to lack of training on recent technologies. That means your shop could be missing out on maximum productivity. When was the last time you trained your operators? What are you doing to guarantee your staff is performing up-to-par? Consider a few questions:

  • How do your operators measure up against your competitors?
  • Do you know if your operator is utilizing your equipment to its fullest potential?
  • Do you benchmark the success of your operators?

We have the tools needed to ensure your operators are fully knowledgeable at all levels of production and are functioning at peak performance. We offer an online test equipped with an in-depth questionnaire covering topics such as print basics, color basics, feeder, delivery, trouble shooting, etc.

The below chart shows the average knowledge levels in various areas achieved by printers and helpers for a certain press of a print shop. One should be able to quickly identify areas for improvement/training.


Operator Chart


Our evaluation begins with a company knowledge profile. Once we determine how your operators are performing, we will provide recommendations for improvement and a customized personal development plan.

For more information on how you can benchmark your success against best-in-class, email


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Oliver Demus
Director, Business Consulting