Changing the air filter in your car is just one of the many routine maintenance responsibilities of owning a vehicle. It is a paper filter that prevents harmful contaminants from reaching the engine and causing damage, allowing for optimal performance. Serving as the engine’s air gateway, a dirty filter can restrict airflow causing even greater issues down the


Just like a car, your press needs a direct airflow to run at peak performance. A press could contain up to 20 filters that prevent these harmful contaminants from destroying your press. Neglecting to change filters regularly could lead to costly repairs later due to damaged pumps, compressors and other critical components. If you do not replace your filters regularly, you could experience:

  • Loss of air pressure/volume
  • Overheating
  • Loss of lubricant/solvent
  • Expensive component replacement



If it’s been over 12 months since you’ve changed your filters, you could be experiencing this type of damage. At Heidelberg, we offer custom filter kits for every press configuration and regularly scheduled maintenance by factory trained technicians to ensure the high performance you expect. If you want to learn more about protecting your press, contact your Heidelberg representative.

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Ross MacLaren
Product Manager, Parts