Is your equipment operating above or below average?

Did you know that many print shops are operating below average? Do you know how you measure up against best-in-class standards?

The chart below illustrates the relationship between Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and run length. OEE will change as run length reduces. Many factors can contribute to this figure including equipment, configuration, controls, job make-up and production efficiency. The blue line shows where the average print shop falls in terms of equipment effectiveness. (For a more in depth description of OEE, click here. )

OEE charts

Where do you fall in the mix? There could be a number of reasons you are not operating at your fullest potential including:

  • Insufficient processes that do not support efficiency (from estimating and prepress through to press)
  • Operator knowledge
  • Not fully utilizing press features (ex: color optimization, software options)

All of the above factors can be measured and improved starting with data collection and a detailed development plan. It is important to have access to key data to understand where you are now in order to develop a plan to improve.

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Oliver Demus
Director, Business Consulting