Heidelberg continues to enhance its SystemService portfolio with performance services that improve production processes and the personnel who operate equipment. Customers engaged have seen productivity increases of over 40 percent, and waste reductions of up to 50 percent — resulting in savings between $200,000 and $450,000 a year.

“We know that our customers have the right equipment and employees needed to be successful, but may lack the proper training and operational knowledge to fully optimize equipment performance,” said Oliver Demus, Director of Business Consulting. “We provide the data, analytics and resources to bring performance to a higher level and most importantly, increase profit.”

Optimize your performance

Even a machine in top condition may fail to achieve Peak Performance. Heidelberg’s Performance Services are designed to analyze where you are currently versus where you could be to ultimately reach your future business goals.

Using objective data (collected directly from the press), coupled with a detailed analysis of production, Heidelberg consultants and press instructors will develop a comprehensive, customized program to drive output and reduce waste.

Designed with you in mind

Heidelberg tailors the training and performance services to fit the customer’s specific production issues; these are combined in the Performance Plus program to optimize and critically sustain the performance of the shop with identified goals and outcomes. A few of the combined programs include:

  • Print Color Management: allowing users of Heidelberg equipment to reach optimal color while reducing makeready times and waste
  • Workflow Analysis: assessing the current workflow, eliminating redundant steps and automating processes where applicable
  • Makeready Optimization: developing optimized press settings and makeready procedures to achieve stability throughout any job, at any speed
  • Materials flow: reducing work in process, transportation, storage and eliminating unnecessary processes in production

Customers undergo monthly performance and service reviews (focused on boosting productivity and enhancing savings potential) to monitor progress and make adjustments, where necessary.

Heidelberg Performance Services

At Heidelberg, service means more than simple repair or troubleshooting. From identifying and eliminating problems, optimizing productivity, reducing waste to workflow optimization, Heidelberg’s performance services have everything it takes to help you stay on top of your production capabilities. Whatever your business demands, Heidelberg is your trusted partner.

To learn more about Heidelberg’s Performance Services (or other SystemService offerings), call 800-437-7388.