As more customers strive to improve efficiency and add value to the printed product, UV becomes a natural path to take. To support this need, Heidelberg has developed an advanced drying system designed to aid customers in their production and energy efficiencies. At recent open houses held at Print Media Center Atlanta, Heidelberg hosted the North American launch of its latest UV technology, DryStar LED.

What is DryStar LED?

When it comes to UV technology, DryStar LED is the most advanced system available worldwide. Why you ask? DryStar LED is designed to cure at maximum speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour at minimal energy consumption. It utilizes the most modern semi-conductor technology and energy-saving cooling system for a guaranteed life of well over 25,000 hours of operation.

Look at it this way:

An XL 106 running at 80% utilization on 6,000 operating hours per year would use the same LED bar for more than 5 years (assuming it’s always on). However, when factoring the instant on/off features and automatic format setting (A.F.S), this LED bar could last up to 7 years. You could have produced more than a half a billion sheets during that time.

Is this system suited for your business?

Compared to DryStar UV, the LED offering has the ability to cut energy consumption by as much as 90% and an additional 50% compared to DryStar LE UV. This technology is intended to aid standardized commercial and web-to-print shops aiming to deliver a large number of short run jobs in the least amount of time. It is particularly valuable, in straight or perfecting printing, for four or five color applications, with or without the use of coatings. Shops have the option to install multiple LED bars in the press for the special applications including white on plastics or foil board.

By utilizing this technology, regardless of substrates, each sheet will arrive completely cured at delivery allowing for immediate transfer to postpress.

C. Penge-1

Clarence Penge
Vice President, Sheetfed