Did you know that your older folder that is paid for could actually be costing you money?

Although older, well-maintained machines have proven to have an extended lifespan, the efficiency of the machine may not be enough to keep up with your clients’ demands. As the speed, quality and automation of offset and digital presses continue to rise, so does the need for print shops to upgrade their postpress equipment.

Today, a Speedmaster XL 106 can run at maximum production speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour. Print shops running at this speed have the capability to reach 50 million impressions a year.  An older folder running at just 5,800 sheets per hour will not be able to support the capacity of the newer press. You may find yourself having to run multiple folders to keep up with demand or find that overtime in your shop is eroding your bottom line. You could end up with piles of sheets waiting to be folded, and as a result, will lose time, efficiency and money. Although upgrading to new equipment may seem like an avoidable investment, it can actually bring maximum savings potential and optimum productivity.

Fold more, spend less

Folding is a key component in the manufacturing cycle. On average, 70% of printed material in your shop will require folding for other downstream equipment. With such a high percentage, also comes a high potential for savings.

Four major areas of savings potential:

  1. Labor
  2. Floor Space
  3. Power
  4. Productivity

Let’s take a look at the average cost to produce a 16-page signature on a two-shift operation:

  • With an older folder, manufacturing at just 5,800 sheets per hour, you are spending an average of .00763 cents per folded signature.
  • With a new folder, such as a Stahlfolder KH 82 manufacturing at 11,000 sheets per hour, you will cut the cost down to an average .00433 cents per folded signature. This means if you are running 2.8 million sheets per month, you have the potential to save over $9,000 a month with the newer machine. That’s an annual savings of $108,000.

Whether you are looking to increase productivity, reduce labor costs, save energy and/or maintain a healthy competitive advantage, upgrading your folding department could leading to lasting production benefits and business growth. To find out more about the benefits of upgrading your postpress, fill out the form below to speak with a Heidelberg representative.

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