Kennesaw, Ga. – Full Service Plus, the latest bundle in Heidelberg’s extensive service portfolio directly connects service to performance.  Through data from smart, connected presses, it captures exact machine utilization, showing unused production capacity or ineffective operation. Since its March launch, the program has sold over 30 service agreements to 20 different customers.

Enhancing your Full Service Agreement

When customers come off their initial Systemservice contract, they have the option to extend coverage to a Full Service agreement. The Full Service Plus program combines all of the components of the Full Service agreement (service repair, parts coverage, intelligent support and annual maintenance inspection) with the added components of Performance Package:

  • Performance Data Analysis
  • Performance Review
  • On-Site Evaluation
  • Program Design for Future Improvement

By adding Performance Package, Full Service Plus is designed to enhance production performance, reduce operating costs, increase availability and provide a roadmap for business success. Throughout the program, customers will undergo monthly data and service performance reviews, an on-site evaluation and consult with Heidelberg experts to deliver a cost saving business plan. Customers engaged in the program will see significant performance increases month by month.

Why Performance Package?

When it comes to the most valuable asset within every business, performance is fundamental. At Heidelberg, service and performance go hand in hand to reduce operating costs and increase productivity. The KPIs produced out of this program will ensure that any shop is running at its peak potential.

Full Service Plus – More than Just Repair 

Full Service Plus is changing the way the print industry views service by putting performance at the forefront. For Heidelberg, service is no longer simply about repair but about providing the tools needed to maximize uptime, build awareness and discover areas for development in your production process. Full Service Plus is completely flexible and tailored to fit the needs, size and budget of your shop.

Heidelberg continues to mold its service portfolio with a customizable menu of service modules to help customers identify and eliminate problems to optimize workflow and stay on top of their production capabilities. To learn more about Full Service Plus, visit  or call 800-437-7388.