Left to Right - Michael Fox, Hank Fox, Huck Brooks
Left to Right – Michael Fox, Hank Fox, Huck Brooks

Kennesaw, Ga., – With a recent consolidation under its belt, Fox Group, a trade bindery in Pennsylvania, has undergone a transformation with upgrades from Heidelberg. The Stahlfolder TH 82, Stahlfolder KH 82 and POLAR 137 with added peripherals are producing results faster and positioning the company for future growth.

With 2 months since its Stahlfolder installations, Fox Group has already seen improvements in makeready times and productivity. “Both machines are performing as promised. We’ve gone from an hour and 30 minute makeready time to just 15 minutes,” said Hank Fox, president. “We have doubled our hourly output on both folders and have greatly improved our manufacturing times.”

Previously, the company was running four older Stahlfolder machines to keep up with its customer demands. Fox Group now has the capability to produce the same amount of work at a faster pace and reduce labor costs by 50% by utilizing the new Stahlfolder TH/KH 82 duo equipped with high speed pallet feeders and SPB horizontal stackers for optimal productivity.

The Stahlfolder KH 82, a high speed signature work horse, runs at high production speeds with one operator and is furnished with full automation allowing for impressive makeready times. The Stahlfolder TH 82 minimizes operator interaction with its fully automated system to eliminate errors.

Alongside these installations, Fox Group has also upgraded its POLAR 137 guillotine cutter with labor saving POLAR peripherals including stacklift, jogger with air removal and transomat offloader. The POLAR 137 offers short makeready times, high efficiency and maximum precision to increase profitability. The added pile turner also allows for quick skid turning as needed for the existing pallet fed Stahlfolders. The new peripherals give Fox Group the ability to increase capacity and decrease turnaround time.

Fox is positive that upgrading technology is the best move to position the company for future success. “Our history has proven that upgrading technology will lead to results. We are certain that our investments will allow us to remain competitive in the current market and further our expansion,” said Fox.

The company transitioned from three 30,000-square-foot buildings to a 150,000-square-foot building with upgrades across its business. For Fox Group, the move marks a new era in terms in growth and productivity.

Heidelberg is set to host an event at Fox Group on November 17th and 18th. At this event, customers will experience postpress productivity and learn to how upgrading technology can eliminate bottlenecks and boost profits for your business.

Fox Group services both the packaging and commercial print industries with an impressive menu of finishing solutions including die cutting, specialty folding and gluing, stitching and binding. With its recent upgrades, the company expects to add more unusual specialty work to its portfolio to better service existing and potential customers. Fox adds that new additions allow the shop to “respond better and faster than the competition and compete in a new marketplace.”