Kennesaw, Ga., – The overwhelming success of Heidelberg’s expanded and expanding digital portfolio includes the recent sale of its 600th Linoprint digital press. More than 150 of those orders are for its 90 ppm Linoprint CV digital printing system (worldwide through Q3 2015), doubling sales targets for the year. In the U.S. alone, users are discovering new applications and business opportunities based on the Linoprint CV’s outstanding 5-color flexibility, consistent print quality, and exceptional cost efficiency.

A Linoprint CV is helping Mount Royal Printing and Communications in Baltimore, Md. produce high-quality, short-run, quick-turn color. According to Gary Cayce, president and owner, the substrate gamut (up to 16-point) and 27” sheet size of the new digital press lend the company extra flexibility in the production of brochures and marketing pieces for its educational, nonprofit and association clientele. “The Linoprint CV accommodates a larger, thicker sheet, and the clear coating capability gives our printed pieces a good-looking surface finish,” Cayce said. The company uses the new machine primarily for deadline-sensitive, short-run static color jobs, as well as for a limited quantity of variable data work.

When Rick’s Printing (Portland, Ore.), a trade printer, installed a Linoprint CV 5-color with inline bookletmaker to replace an older, slower machine from another manufacturer, Rick’s Printing became an all-Heidelberg shop on both the digital and the offset sides. “We like having to make just one call,” said Rick Jacobs, President. According to Jacobs, the Linoprint CV’s 13×27” sheet size and “tremendous” substrate flexibility means the company can provide customers with a variety of ultra short-run jobs—including those using heavier stocks—faster and less expensively than it could using the company’s 29” Speedmaster CD 74, Printmaster PM 52 or QM 46, which are reserved for longer runs. The company can use the Linoprint’s fifth printing unit to apply opaque white or clear, high-gloss, full-area or spot coating to achieve attractive surface effects.

Short-run orders no longer upset the production process since the arrival of Linoprint CV at the printing facility serving the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. “We were getting a lot of requests for short-run color printing, which our full-service copy center was hesitant to take on,” said Printing Services Supervisor Rob Hartert. “Often, our Speedmaster SM 74 would be backed up with a long-run job when one or more short-run, quick-turn orders came in, disrupting our one-shift schedule.” Since the Linoprint was installed in June, Hartert continued, “We’ve become more efficient, flexible and productive. Now we simply pull our short-run work off the SM 74 and put it on the digital press and that’s that. Once fully trained we can color-match the output of the Linoprint CV to our SM 74.” Like Rick’s Printing, the shop enjoys the availability of the clear toner coating, and makes consistent use of that option on the Linoprint CV.

The Linoprint CV Digital Printing System

With a printing speed of 90 ppm, the Linoprint CV can print with five colors, making it unique in its market segment. Besides the four primary colors, the system offers both a high-opacity white and a high-gloss full-area or spot coating. Because switching between them is simple, both surface finishing techniques can be used with flexibility.

Thanks to its innovative laser technology and color toner that achieves a sharp, uniform result, due to ultra-fine particles, the Linoprint CV also delivers razor-sharp, high-resolution images. Additional features include a generous color gamut and a low melting point that makes it possible to print on all kinds of materials, including heat-sensitive plastics, with quality close to that of offset due to Heidelberg’s industry leading ability to color match across all platforms.

The multiple paper supplies in the system can be refilled on the fly, which keeps makeready times short. Several high-capacity supplies, which operate with robust vacuum/suction-tape feeders, ensure a continuous supply of paper without the operator having to constantly monitor the press. The system can also process long runs in a single pass without interruption. An enlarged operating cockpit further enhances ease-of-use by helping the operator maintain a clear overview of every print job.

Heidelberg USA plans to launch its Prinect Digital Front End (DFE) controller and workflow software for its Linoprint CV and Linoprint CP this month.