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“We believe that Heidelberg is second to none. Our ongoing partnership is not taken lightly. By joining forces, we gain enormous service and support that is unparalleled in the industry. The availability and responsiveness that we receive allows us to rely heavily on Heidelberg to monitor and troubleshoot any existing or potential issues.”
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Kathy Atkins, President and CEO
[Riegel Communications Group]

“We ended long-standing relationships with certain vendors [some as many as 10 years] to partner with Heidelberg, and we haven’t looked back since. Every Heidelberg product and service is an extension of our commitment to our customers. We believe that our relationships with our customers are only as strong as our relationship with Heidelberg — the support we’ve gained is exceptional and never could have been achieved with another manufacturer.
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Glenn Grendzinski, Vice President of Operations
[eDOC Communications]

“This press exceeds our expectations on a daily basis. The XL 106 came on-site during last year’s peak production season, and it continues to carry the load during non-peak production months. Put it this way, the XL 106 produces the combined volume of 3 other presses each shift.
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Doug McWilliams, Vice President of Operations
[Herff Jones]

“With our old software, our makereadies were averaging an hour and 30 minutes. We have been able to decrease that time down to just 15 minutes and drastically increase our productivity with the Prinect workflow.
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Mike Hartman, Prepress Manager

“We’re producing around 10,000 signatures per hour—making us 40 hours more productive each week. The capabilities of the Stahlfolder TH 82 have reduced our makeready time to less than 15 minutes and improved our efficiency.”
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Sib Deliberato, Production Manager
[Capital Printing]

“It used to be a struggle getting our monthly publication work out, and the situation created a lot of overtime at the end of the month. We run an 8-hour shift with ease now, due to the higher runs speeds on the Stahlfolder BH 82. The new folder has really helped us cut down on our overtime hours.”
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Gabe Gonzales, General Manager
[Grunwald Printing]

“One of the key advantages of the Linoprint CP is the increase in speed and start-up time. We anticipate a 20% increase in uptime because we will be able to run jobs constantly without limitations.”
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Jeff Majewski, VP Administration
[TCG Legacy]

Heidelberg Performance Plus increased our capacity to do more with the exact same equipment and manpower. We used the added capacity to cover 26 percent more sales in 2014.
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Eric Webber, CEO
[Cohber Press, Inc]

“The [Speedmaster CD 102 with X-Package] enables us to do more in less time, thanks to greatly reduced makeready times. We also expect our growth to accelerate as a direct result of the new press. We now are able to pass on the price savings from which we benefit to our clients in the form of fewer makeready sheets, less time on press for each job, as well as faster press and quality checks.”
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John Henry Ruggeri, President
[SunDance Marketing Solutions]

“We initially considered purchasing a used press to increase our capacity. After analyzing the cost of manufacturing and assessing the features of machines, the new XL 106 provided the best ROI. Overall, we’re anticipating a 50% increase in productivity and efficiency throughout the shop.”
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Kevin Heslin, President
[Seaway Printing]

“The Americas Tour was by far the highlight of the trip. Heidelberg not only builds the best equipment, they also know how to take care of their customers. Aside from the extraordinary environment, the Print Media Center was mind-blowing. The knowledge and friendliness of the staff and instructors made me proud to be a part of this group and confirmed that we are partnering with the right company.”
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Manfred Nagel, VP of Print Production
[Electric Pencil]

“This machine produces far superior folds. Not only has our quality increased, but we’ve improved our makeready times by 75%, and we are producing twice as fast as we were with our older folders.”
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Harry Jones, President
[Jones Printing]

“The [ND 100] plates have provided faster throughput for plate making and because they are punched, we have faster set-up on the press. The plates are chemistry free and very low maintenance compared to our previous plating system.”
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Joe Dellamano, Vice President of Operations
[Patsons Press]

[Heidelberg’s Prinect Benchmarking Software] enables us to compare our productivity against other comparable XL 75 Anicolor presses. We can see exactly where we can gain productivity and increase efficiencies accordingly.
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Andrew Fuld, President
[4 Color Press]

“Our Speedmaster presses both run 18,000 sheets per hour, so we needed a folder that could keep up. With our Stahlfolder [KH 82], we’re expecting to increase our productivity by 40%. We’ve already reached a 30% increase since our installation.”
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Terry Remaly, Plant Manager
[Hopkins Printing]

We experienced a 20% increase in productivity right off the bat and are expecting a 30% increase down the line [with the POLAR 176].
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Thomas Kappus, President
[Kappus Plastic Company]

“Often, our Speedmaster SM 74 would be backed up with a long-run job when one or more short-run, quick-turn orders came in, disrupting our one-shift schedule. We’ve become more efficient, flexible and productive. Now we simply pull our short-run work off the SM 74 and put it on the Linoprint CV and that’s that.”
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Rob Hartert, Printing Services Supervisor
[Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority]

[Performance Plus] was crucial to identify training gaps, [and to] resolve applications and process issues. We have better printers and quality processes as a result.
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Niels Winther, Chairman and Managing Partner
[Think Patented]

“The [CD 102 with X-Package] will allow us to decrease makeready times and run faster print speeds. With higher throughput and less downtime, we expect to increase our productivity by up to 60%.
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Masoud Nikravan, President
[Classic Litho and Design]

“We were looking to add to our existing range of 40-inch offset presses, and we felt that the XL 106 provided the best value in the market.” In just over 3 months of production, the press counter is already showing 19 million impressions, and the company intends to further increase throughput by running shifts 24/7.
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Jim Hammer, President and CEO
[Hammer Packaging]

“The Americas Tour was an experience of a lifetime. The Print Media Center is a glimpse of how your dream shop could be. Seeing the amount of technology available in all of Heidelberg’s presses and postpress equipment, as well as the automation created in its workflow, was an eye opening experience to what the future of print is shaping up to be. Heidelberg has made its systems to fit each individual shop, customizing everything to your particular production needs.”
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Ricardo Garcia, Vice President
[Hera Printing]

“We’ve been researching other inkjet printers for the last 4-5 years. The Primefire 106 is, hands down, the best quality we’ve seen at the end of the press.”
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Stacy Warneke, President and CEO
[Warneke Paper Box]

“We’ve already noticed valuable increases [from our workshop with Heidelberg Business Consultants] in efficiency in prepress and press, and improvements on what we’ve implemented so far — our stats continue to improve month by month.
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JohnHenry Ruggieri, Managing Partner
[Sundance Marketing Solutions]

The Multicolor Toolset has given us the opportunity to reduce the number of spot colors printed on press with 7-color process. The system also gives us the ability to make better color decisions with our customers up front. As a result, customers receive predictable color from proof to press, while we benefit from reduced makeready and fewer press changeovers.
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Amy Jungerberg, Prepress Manager

“We’ve gone from an hour and 30 minute makeready time to just 15 minutes. We have doubled our hourly output on both folders [Stahlfolder TH 82 & Stahlfolder KH 82] and have greatly improved our manufacturing times.”
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Hank Fox, President
[Fox Group]

[With the POLAR DC-M] we’re experiencing a higher quality cut and improved precision four times as fast. Our efficiency has accelerated as we’ve gone from cutting one corner at a time to cutting all four corners at once.”
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Ark Andoun, VP Operations
[Zoo Printing]

“The Linoprint CV accommodates a larger, thicker sheet, and the clear coating capability gives our printed pieces a good-looking surface finish.
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Gary Cayce, President and Owner
[Mount Royal Printing and Communications]

We’ll save up to one million sheets this year alone. That’s also one million sheets we won’t have to de-ink and recycle. The XL 75 Anicolor lowers the barrier to entry in terms of cost, while we get a leg up on the competition, because we can produce unique and unusual products affordably. Our clients love that, and that inspires us to be more creative with this marvelous tool.”
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Nick Detomaso, CEO